Fire Emission Factors and Emission Inventories

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1) Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN), Version 1.5

January 03, 2018
FINNv1.5 emission files for 2016 have been updated/replaced to correct for a leap year error. Emissions for 2017 and 2018 (through December 25) are now available. Please see note below about the FINNv1.6 emission files.

April 30, 2018
Issues with the FINNv1.6 files (allowed for download from this site in December 2017) were discovered recently, and it is recommended that these files are NOT used. As of April 20, 2018, the FINNv1.5 files are available to download now.
We recommend that FINNv1.6 files are no longer used. Please contact with any questions.

Wiedinmyer et al., Geoscientific Model Development, 2011

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2002 MOZART4
2003 MOZART4
2004 MOZART4
2005 MOZART4
2006 MOZART4
2007 MOZART4
2008 MOZART4
2009 MOZART4
2010 MOZART4
2011 MOZART4
2012 MOZART4
2013 MOZART4
2014 MOZART4
2015 MOZART4
2016 MOZART4
2017 MOZART4
2018 MOZART4
2002 SAPRC99
2003 SAPRC99
2004 SAPRC99
2005 SAPRC99
2006 SAPRC99
2007 SAPRC99
2008 SAPRC99
2009 SAPRC99
2010 SAPRC99
2011 SAPRC99
2012 SAPRC99
2013 SAPRC99
2014 SAPRC99
2015 SAPRC99
2016 SAPRC99
2017 SAPRC99
2018 SAPRC99
2002 GEOS-chem
2003 GEOS-chem
2004 GEOS-chem
2005 GEOS-chem
2006 GEOS-chem
2007 GEOS-chem
2008 GEOS-chem
2009 GEOS-chem
2010 GEOS-chem
2011 GEOS-chem
2012 GEOS-chem
2013 GEOS-chem
2014 GEOS-chem
2015 GEOS-chem
2016 GEOS-chem
2017 GEOS-chem
2018 GEOS-chem


  • Files are comma-delimited ASCII files. The format for the files are the same as the format of the version 1 files.
  • For more information on MOZART4 and SAPRC99, please download this README file.
  • For more information on GEOS-chem, please download this README file.
  • FINN v2 is still under development. For specific information about the next version or any other questions, please contact Christine Wiedinmyer (

Please refer to the README files for more information. For any questions, please contact Christine Wiedinmyer.

2) Emissions from Open Waste Burning

The downloadable file is a NetCDF file that contains the annual emission estimates from open waste burning on a 0.1degree global grid. Please see the README for more information.

Wiedinmyer et al., (2014) Global Emissions of Trace Gases, Particulate Matter, and Hazardous Air Pollutants from Open Burning of Domestic WasteEnvironmental Science & Technology.

3) Global Biomass Burning Emission Factor Compilation

Updated September 2018
The compilation of emission factors from recent studies continues. Please see this list of recent articles with published emissions factors. For any questions, please contact Bob Yokelson.

Updated July 2017
The emission factor compilation updates continues, but will not be finalized for some time. Until then, please download this document for updates to emission factors used in the Akagi et al. supplemental tables.
For any questions, please contact Bob Yokelson.

Emission Factors

Updated February 2015

Stockwell et al. 2015
Stockwell et al. 2014
Akagi et al. 2013
Yokelson et al. 2013
Akagi et al. 2011

Updates to Savanna (Table S1) were made in February 2015. Click here for the Update Notes.
Supplementary Tables S1-S14 Update Feb 2015 

Updates to temperate and extratropical forest and chaparral were made in May 2014. Click here for the Update Notes.
Extratropical Update
Supplementary Tables S1-S14 Update

Original, published files from Akagi et al. (2011) generated April 27, 2011 can be downloaded here:
Summary of emission factors for 15 major fire types (Tables 1-5)
Supplementary Tables 1-14 (details of cited studies and calculations)

For more information, please contact Christine Wiedinmyer ( or Bob Yokelson (

4) Utilities

(Note: You need to download both the Utility and the Input data to run fire_emis.) Last update: March 1, 2012

Utility to use the FINNv1 emissions within WRF-Chem or global (MOZART-4, CAM-Chem) simulations
Input files for the fire emissions utility

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