CELTIC (Chemical Emission, Loss, Transformation and Interactions within Canopies) Field Campaign


CELTIC was an EPA and NSF sponsored field campaign in a North Carolina Loblolly pine plantation designed to look at Chemical Emission, Loss, Transformation and Interactions within Canopies. Measurements were made at the Duke Forest C-H2O Research Site in collaboration with the DOE (BER & NIGEC) and USDA (SGCP) sponsored FACE (FACTS-1, operated by BNL) and AmeriFlux studies. The goal of CELTIC is to improve our ability to predict regional air quality (e.g., particulates and ozone) and climate through a quantitative understanding of the processes controlling the exchange of trace gases and aerosols between the atmosphere and vegetation canopies.

ariel view of the celtic forest

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All questions related to CELTIC should be directed to Alex Guenther